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Quote Number QUO-1002
Quote Date June 8, 2021
Total $1,800.00
AVM Photo Boutique

Website Design

Prepared for Alberto & Melva Vazquez

SYNERGYONE Design Studio has prepared the following proposal in response to your discovery session requirements.


The price breakdown table shows the proposed website design for AVM Photo Boutique based on the discovery meeting held on 6/7/2021. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Wordpress Website Design - Photo Studio

Photo Boutique website design to include the following features:

A. Online Appointment scheduling solution.
- Per customer conversation, we need to add an online booking solution that will allow the visitor to schedule a meeting with AVM Photo Boutique.
B. Website should be designed to cater to higher end clients.
C. Website should be designed to cater to clients based on a pricing/package solution.
D. Website will have a picture purchase solution available to the customer with pay per picture option.
- Solution should contain a QR Code/Solution to where the clients can access the photos online, view and pay for the pictures they want to purchase.
E. Website to be in dual language. (English & Spanish).
F. When visiting the website, there should be a cookie notification shown.
G. Website will contain a 3rd party vendor list, where their business information can be displayed.
H. Certain pages within the website will contain a "Schedule Your Appointment" popup.
I. Website will contain a testimony page that includes video and text.
J. Website will include links to AVM Photo Boutiques Social Media Pages. (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pintrest.
K. Website will contain a tips page that will display shooting locations, etc.
L. Website will contain a BLOG Page.
M. Website will include an FAQ Page.
N. Website will include a section where Sponsors can display their logo in a carousel format.
O. Primary color: White.
P. Clients will be able to access Zenfolio though the website menu.
Q. Website will contain a chat box where the user can chat with AVM Photo Boutique
R. Newsletter functionality will be added to the website with the ability to download email addresses via .CSV

E-commerce Online Store
A. Creation of a virtual store utilizing WooCommerce.
B. Will contain all WooCommerce functionality that includes the following:
- Shopping Cart
- Checkout
- Online Payment (via PayPal) or other

*Wireframe of the website will be created for the customer to provide a visual representation of what the website will look like before building.

Sub Total $1,800.00
Tax $0.00
Total $1,800.00

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